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"Answered common myths about what babies can/cannot eat..."

I had a private session with Cecilia on introducing food to my baby. I have been addressing my nutrition for many years, but babies are so different, and I found recommended menus for babies full of sugar, grains and other food I don’t eat as an adult. Cecilia was able to help me to have a clear meal plan for my 8 mo, understand what food is good for him and where to find it in Bangkok, and also gave advice on some great recipes. My son loves his organic beef, coconut milk omelets with all the spices! I especially liked that private session gave me answers on some common myths and beliefs of what babies can or can not eat. Recommend Cecilia to busy working mommas and anyone!

– Victoria Rossi, mother of a baby

"Boosted my confidence in the kitchen..."

Loved Cecilia’s cooking demonstration! Not only was the food delicious, she was also able to share her knowledge about what made the food healthy & nutritious. With a young child at home, I was curious to learn more about preparing the best food for my little one. Cecilia was able to answer all my questions and take away my doubts. I feel more confident in the kitchen now. Thank you Cecilia!

– Merle Vink, mother of baby

"Cecilia's passion & enthusiasm for her subject..."

I have attended a presentation by Cecilia, and also one of her many workshops at home.  I love Cecilia’s passion and enthusiasm for her subject.  She clearly knows a great deal about nutrition and how to get the most out of the foods available to us.

– Heidi Mcleish, mother of toddler

"Delicious & healthy anti-inflammatory cooking class..."

I just went for a cooking class focused with education on how to reduce inflammation. It was excellent… both the teaching part of it and the cooking class. Delicious and healthy.

– Kristin Ann, mom of a toddler

"Easy nutrient-dense family meals..."

Cecilia’s workshop on nutrient-dense finger food was fun, informative, and very inspiring! Her passion and drive to help others through education on nutrition is clear, and her recipes are both easy to follow and delicious. Sometimes it’s challenging to prepare nutrient-dense family meals when you’re pushed for time, but one thing I found about the recipes taught in the class was that they’re actually easy to do at home as well – some even with a baby balanced on your hip! Thanks, Cecilia!

– Liz Pond, mom of baby and a 5 year old.

"Easy to make recipes from Cecilia..."

Cecilia is an amazing person, very considerate, passionate, knowledgeable and also friendly. She was very thorough throughout our sessions taking into account all of my allergies. She produced some amazing recipes which were easy to make and totally delicious. I would absolutely recommend her! I can’t wait for her to design me a new week of meals!

– Mary Sirisom, mother of 3

"Two-thumbs up...AND a nutritious dessert"

I give a two-thumbs up to Cecilia’s anti-inflammatory food cooking class. The recipes she prepared for this course were easy to prepare and yummy… I got so excited and tried her turmeric stew at home for dinner rightnaway and my family loved it (to think that they don’t usually like curry!). Cecilia even made a wonderful cocoa avocado dessert (yes this is something kids would very much like) to top a list of super nutritious meals. I learned a lot and got really full, too. What a great way to feed the body, mind and soul.

– Ruzette Mariano, mom of two.

"Easy & brilliant tips..."

Cecilia is amazingly generous with her information and provides easy and brilliant tips in how to boost you and your family’s immunity through cooking. Cannot recommend her enough!

– Andrea Sill, mom of toddler and elementary school child

"The plan was well thought out..."

Over the past year, I have been interested in finding ways to improve my family’s immunity due to several reasons. In this journey, Cecilia has been a great source of wisdom. Joining her 5 days immune challenge was eye-opening. I got to know new products and spices to work with and understand why they were so important to boost our immune system.

The plan was well thought out, with a shopping list, 5 breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, and so much inspiration to keep going beyond those 5 days. An amazing experience both for myself and for my family – who all benefit from the great guidance from Cecilia!

-Frederiek Ilona Schrijver-Bollen, mother of two young children.

"Just what our family needed..."

Cecilia’s 5-Day Immune Boost Challenge was just what our family needed — and I didn’t even know we needed it Our diet was already healthy, and built on organic, unprocessed and clean foods. However, I appreciated learning more about the ingredients we were already using — how to buy them and how to better maximize their nutritional value and immune-boosting properties — as well as being exposed to new nutritious ingredients and recipes. Weeks later, we are still using and loving them. The community involved in the challenge also made it fun and engaging.

– Valerie Barrios, mother of toddler

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