How I Can Help You

We have different programs we can tailor to meet your immune boosting needs.

Though our collaboration is centered on culinary nutrition, I have 3 Es that encapsulate my mission and vision: Equip, Empower, Engage. These will benefit you by:

Equipping you with the essential nutrition knowledge and the culinary skills to create healing, optimizing foods.

Empowering you to discern with confidence (even amidst the media noise), the foods that will provide the most benefit to your mental and physical health.

Engaging you with the latest nutritional information that I acquire through constant professional development coursework.

Meal Planning

Want to eat healthier, especially for a stronger immunity? Need more variety in your meals? Save money? Reduce stress when thinking about your next home cooked meal? Save time in the kitchen? Our customized 7 days meal plan service (21 meals total) will help you tackle all these concerns. Prefaced with a consultation, we will create for you a customized meal plan that caters to your dietary preferences and boost your immunity. A complimentary groceries list corresponding to the meal plan will be provided.

To find out more about meal planning, contact me.

Culinary Nutrition Consultation

Want to know whether you are selecting, preparing, cooking the best quality of food for you and your growing babies and children? Curious about which are the best foods to boost you and your children’s immunity, especially against frequent colds and tummy aches? Schedule a 1.5-2 hour culinary nutrition consultation where you will gain with practical, immediacy applicable solutions.

Book a consultation today.

Culinary Nutrition Class

(Group Classes)

Are you an individual, school or company seeking to educate your friends/constituents in a presentation format, how selections, preparations and cooking of foods can impact our immunity, positively or negatively? Contact us and we can share with you presentation ideas that address your concerns.

For sample classes, please see my events.

Culinary Nutrition Cooking Demo Class

(Private or Group Classes)

Do you enjoy watching cooking shows or participating in cooking classes? Or perhaps you are a visual and auditory learner who prefers to SEE how some nutritious recipes are made and LISTEN LIVE why foods need to be prepared / cooked the way they are. After all, some of us do really need to see how to make a pizza crust out of cauliflower! Join any one of our culinary nutrition cooking classes (all meant to boost the immunity), where you will see how, participate in and listen to how everyday ingredients can be made into delicious, immune boosting meals.

For sample classes, please see my events.


If you are in the wellness industry and seek culinary nutrition guidance or offerings for your clients, please contact me.

E-Recipes Books

Meal planning might not be the best option for you. Especially if you plan (or not) your meals at a whim / last minute but still need nutritious ideas. In this case, our e-recipes books, which can also be customized according to your dietary needs / restrictions would be your best option. Currently, we have these e-recipes books, each with 7 recipes, available for purchase. All have ingredients with focus on immune building.

If interested, contact me.

  • Smoothies – 375 THB
  • Breakfast – 375 THB
  • Snacks – 375 THB
  • Main meals – 375 THB
  • Stir fries – 375 THB

How it works

Find out what it's like to work with me.

Step 1: Get in Touch

Interested to find out more? Get in touch. Send me an email or a direct message on Facebook or Instagram.

Step 2: Free Consultation

We’ll arrange a complimentary 30 minute consultation to discover your specific needs and immediate health concerns & discuss possible services and programs that may be right for you.

Step 3: Pick a Service

Based on our discussion, pick a service or program that works for you or request a custom solution.

Step 4: Begin Your Journey

Celebrate! Your immune-system boosting, whole- foods-loving journey begins.

“The plan was well thought out…”

Over the past year, I have been interested in finding ways to improve my family’s immunity due to several reasons. In this journey, Cecilia has been a great source of wisdom. Joining her 5 days immune challenge was eye-opening. I...

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“Just what our family needed…”

Cecilia’s 5-Day Immune Boost Challenge was just what our family needed — and I didn’t even know we needed it. Our diet was already healthy, and built on organic, unprocessed and clean foods. However, I appreciated learning more about the...

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“Easy & brilliant tips…”

Cecilia is amazingly generous with her information and provides easy and brilliant tips in how to boost you and your family’s immunity through cooking. Cannot recommend her enough! – Andrea Sill, mother of toddler and elementary school child

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“Cecilia’s passion & enthusiasm for her subject…”

I have attended a presentation by Cecilia, and also one of her many workshops at home.  I love Cecilia’s passion and enthusiasm for her subject.  She clearly knows a great deal about nutrition and how to get the most out...

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“Delicious & healthy anti-inflammatory cooking class…”

I just went for a cooking class focused with education on how to reduce inflammation. It was excellent… both the teaching part of it and the cooking class. Delicious and healthy. – Kristin Ann, mother of a toddler

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What is a culinary nutritionist?

As a culinary nutritionist (and Integrative Nutrition Coach) certified by the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, I educate and empower clients how to select, prepare, and cook ingredients to elevate their nutrient densities and to optimize your health.  I do this through private consultations, classes with cooking demos, and presentations for large groups such as schools and companies.

How can I benefit from your services, especially when I already eat fairly healthy and take supplements?

It is wonderful you are already improving / sustaining your health daily. My services have also helped people who are seeking more variety in their healthy recipes repertoire, different kinds of meals that might entice their children more, and better digestion.

Regarding digestion, all those nutrients we take, through whole foods or supplements, can only be used by our body if we can digest them.

Regarding supplements, no matter how “natural” and “made from organic wholefoods they are, their benefits trail FAR behind those offered by the HUNDREDS of phytochemicals (micronutrients that are beyond vitamins and minerals and cannot be extracted in significant amount, if at all) your body’s immune defenses need.

What do you mean when you say you specialize in immunity?

My shared expertise on culinary nutrition focuses on how to select, prepare, and cook ingredients that will strengthen the body’s natural defenses against common ailments such as colds, flus, and digestive ailments – you know, the kind our young children pick up so often from schools and play groups, and then pass on to the rest of the family. To learn more about why and how I got into this niche, see my “Story”.

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