Impact of Personal Care Products on Immunity

Protecting ourselves BEYOND Covid 19.

I don’t know it all.

I really don’t. I am just a Culinary Nutritionist who knows and am still learning about what foods can do for our health.

BUT….chemicals, even the FDA approved ones, in our sanitizers, soaps and wipes (all products we are using so much more in this Pandemic times)…that is where I have a huge knowledge gap.

And I WORRY. I WORRY a lot about how the increasingly strict hygiene measures, though necessary in our children’s schools and other public venues will impact health in the long term.

So, I have asked Maria Kalita, founder of Bangkok Soap Opera and passionate soap maker, to share with all of us how harsh personal care products can impact our immunity and how we can choose safer and effective alternatives.

Join us Tuesday, July 7, 9pm (Bangkok time) LIVE on my Instagram page, Cecilia – A Dose of Vitamin L to learn more about how to protect yourself and your family beyond Covid 19.

“The plan was well thought out…”

Over the past year, I have been interested in finding ways to improve my family’s immunity due to several reasons. In this journey, Cecilia has been a great source of wisdom. Joining her 5 days immune challenge was eye-opening. I...

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“Just what our family needed…”

Cecilia’s 5-Day Immune Boost Challenge was just what our family needed — and I didn’t even know we needed it. Our diet was already healthy, and built on organic, unprocessed and clean foods. However, I appreciated learning more about the...

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“Easy & brilliant tips…”

Cecilia is amazingly generous with her information and provides easy and brilliant tips in how to boost you and your family’s immunity through cooking. Cannot recommend her enough! – Andrea Sill, mother of toddler and elementary school child

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“Cecilia’s passion & enthusiasm for her subject…”

I have attended a presentation by Cecilia, and also one of her many workshops at home.  I love Cecilia’s passion and enthusiasm for her subject.  She clearly knows a great deal about nutrition and how to get the most out...

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“Delicious & healthy anti-inflammatory cooking class…”

I just went for a cooking class focused with education on how to reduce inflammation. It was excellent… both the teaching part of it and the cooking class. Delicious and healthy. – Kristin Ann, mother of a toddler

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