Here are a variety of health topics that my classes address.

Creating Immune Boosting Snacks

Are your children’s store – purchased, “healthy” snacks really healthy? There are snacks MARKETED as “healthy”. Then there are snacks...

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Raising Healthy Lunchers

Now that the new school year is underway…virtual learning or in school, How is your lunch making routine going for...

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Impact of Personal Care Products on Immunity

Protecting ourselves BEYOND Covid 19. I don’t know it all. I really don’t. I am just a Culinary Nutritionist who...

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Family Snacks Challenge

Are your kids hungry all the time? Mine are. In a rush (or panic) to feed them, are you resorting...

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Optimize Brain Health Through Nutrition

Childhood nutrition affects not only your child’s scholastic performance and motor skills.  It will also significantly affect their emotions and...

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Anti-Inflammatory Eating Workshop

Join me in this cooking demo workshop where you’ll be learning how to make delicious recipes that can help fight...

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Breakfasts That Fuel You Workshop

If you’ve ever felt peckish or low in energy in the morning, this is the perfect opportunity for you to...

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Eating for Awesome Energy Workshop

Imagine if you could wake up in the morning feeling energetic and ready to take care of your family and...

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Nutrient Dense Finger Foods Workshop

Toddlers also have hunger pangs. And, given that they are still growing, they need the maximum nutrition they can get....

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Nutrient Dense First Purees Workshop

Is you baby about to start or eating puree? Do you cook them by yourself? Do you want to know...

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